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Amelia wants a dog

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Sometimes getting what you want means beating around the bush; a straightline is not always the shortest distance between two points. Amelia employs this strategy when she decides she wants a dog...if her parents refuse, why not ask for the impossible? From an eagle to a whale, from a horse to an elephant, Amelia¿s attempts to convince her father become increasingly absurd. In addition to being a funny tale about mischievious children and distracted parents, the story stands out for its distinct structure. Tim Bowley uses repetition and a cumulative structure -- techniques of the oral tradition -- to capture the reader¿s attention. A colourful work based on mixed media and collage, it helps children understand concepts like the responsibility of caring for pets, and the difference between domestic animals who live with humans and wild animals who need to be free.


ISBN: 9788484646808 Hardcover 36 páginas


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