The Miss Nelson Collection

The Miss Nelson Collection

The Miss Nelson Collection


ISBN: 9780544082229


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For the first time ever, Miss Nelson Is Missing!, Miss Nelson Is Back, and Miss Nelson Has a Field Day are available in one volume. This comical, collectable treasury of stories is a must-have for teachers and their mischievous students everywhere.

Miss Nelson Is Missing! Miss Nelson is the sweetest, kindest
teacher ever. Too bad she has the most poorly behaved class in
grade-school history. When she disappears, the kids are happy...until
they meet their substitute, Viola Swamp, the meanest, toughest teacher
in the universe. (Hilariously, she does look remarkably
readers.) Miss Nelson Is Back The kids in Room 207 are at it again. This
time Miss Nelson is gone for a week, and the kids are worried that
they'll have Viola Swamp as a substitute. But when the principal himself
takes on the world's most misbehaved class, it's time for drastic
measures! Miss Nelson Has a Field Day The Smedley Tornadoes are the
worst school football team in the whole state...until the notorious
Viola Swamp arrives to shape up the team with her unique brand of
coaching. Can she help these funny misfit kids win at least one game?

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